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    Automating After Effects?

    omer ami



      I have an After Effect project, which has a picture object in it. I need a way, some program or script, preferably on an exe, that could input this project, a png file, and would replace the picture in the project with the picture I inserted. Then, it should export the project. My final goal is to have an exe, that with one click I would be able to edit and export a video.

      Is there a way of doing something like that?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You will have to spend time studying the scripting guide and the AE SDK.



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            Roland Kahlenberg Adobe Community Professional

            I doubt you require an exe file to do this. It's a lot of work to create an exe file.

            You can have AE load a specific project each time it opens. AE's Preferences Dialog has a section called New Project. In this section, you can open up a specific file/template. Then, you need to autoload a script by using the Run command in AE. I'm not certain how to get this done but the folks at aenhencers.com may be able to help you out.

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              Wim_Schalley Level 2

              Not sure what you try to achieve with this. Why would you want an executable with a button if you can use 'replace footage' in AE.

              You only need automation if you need to watch a folder for a png to appear which automatically generates a video out of it; no buttons required. But if there needs to be someone to click a button, he can just as well click 'replace footage' and 'render'.