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    Lightroom CC Phone App doesn't work sometimes without internet

    sebdrc Level 1

      Dear all,


      i am experiencing some trouble with my LR iPhone app. I often edit my photos when i am not having any internet connection. Most of the time i dont have

      any problems doing so, but sometimes the app opens to this:




      I cannot access the Photos which i alr transferred to the phone. I cannot add new photos. There hardly is anything to click at all tbh. Sometimes i can see the images, but then when i wanna make changes the circle shows up and i cannot edit anything. I dont understand why this happens. If i connect my phone to the internet it goes back to normal, but that is not a solution when i am in an airplane. I am not using any of the sync functions with my mac, when i edit, i edit them either on my mac or my iPhone.


      I am using an iphone x(had the problem with my other older iPhones as well) and the app is up to date.