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    Photoshop CC 2018 not responding at Open Image


      My computer runs on Windows 7 64-bit OS.  For some unknown reason, I am unable to Open Image after I have edited my NEF file or even just opened my NEF file.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop and each time gets from bad the worse.  The first time I reinstalled, my text for the menus become miniature and I almost have to wear a binoculars to work on Photoshop.  Now, I am down to totally have Photoshop in my PC for show as it is totally useless. I am now unable to Open Image after editing it.  Basically nothing happened.  Photoshop came to a standstill.  I have the program opened without any messages.  I only got to discover that the program was not responding after I access Task Manager.  I had to End Task and restart again.  I seem to realise that this is only happening with NEF files.

      My Photoshop is not a trial version.  I am not sure how I can resolve this issue and hope someone can really help me.

      Thank you