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    Personal photos appearing in Lightroom on different user's device


      So I am a photographer and I work for a production house company, and recently my boss bought a new Macbook, installed Lightroom cc and to my dismay, a hand full of MY personal pictures appeared in his Lightroom.


      I do have Lightroom mobile on my phone and I am signed in on the work account on my phone as well. (so my first thought is that maybe these photos synced on to his Lightroom (as we all use the same account at the office), but I've never even imported those photos in my Lightroom mobile, so how did they get on to his Lightroom in the first place?) I'm not very familiar with Lightroom mobile, I hardly use it, nor am I familiar with the sync option (also not an option we use often).


      Is there a way we can prevent this from happening again? I did sign out of the work account on my phone and signed in to my personal account, but I would like to know what happend as to avoid it happening in the future. Would prefer my personal photos not land up on my boss' laptop.


      Thanks in advance!