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      So my end goal is to have 1 line of "expected values" and one areaSeries of "actual values" and i want the fill to be green if actual values is higher than expected and red if actual values is lower.

      that being said the fillFunction seems to just plain ol' not work.

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          <mx:BubbleSeries id="bbChartSeries" xField="price" yField="rating" radiusField="popularity"
                           itemRenderer="RolloverRenderer" fillFunction="myFillFunction" /> <!--/* fills="color" */-->
          private function myFillFunction(item:ChartItem, index:Number):IFill {
               return new SolidColor(0x0000FF); // Does Not Do Anything



          This Does Not Work. I am using Flex SDK 3.5.


          the fillFunction (nor the fills with array of uint colors) of the BubbleSeries (or any other Chart) does Not Work. I am doing it exactly like the example on the live docs.


          The way I load the Chart is on CreationComplete of the class its in:


          // Converting XML to Objects
          protected function onCreationComplete(event:FlexEvent):void {
              _data = [];
              for each (var o:XML in products..sample) {
                var _o:Object = new Object();
                    _o.id = o.@id.toString();
                    _o.description = o.@description.toString();
                    _o.rating = o.@rating.toString();
                    _o.price = o.@price.toString();
                    _o.popularity = o.@popularity.toString();
                    _o.age = o.@age.toString();
                    _o.imageUrl = o.@imageUrl.toString();
                    _o.url = o.@url.toString();
                    _o.isDefault = o.@isDefault.toString();
               bbChart.dataProvider = _data;
               bbChart.addEventListener(FlexEvent.UPDATE_COMPLETE, _takeSnapshot);



          If anyone is noticing something I don't. Please notity.