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    Acrobat DC not opening PDF's from attachments in Outlook 2010 or IE 11

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      Looking for some help on an issue that has seemed to crop up in organization as of late. We had people running acrobat 11 and all of the sudden their outlook wouldn't allow them to open the attachment PDF's without first saving them off. It creates an instance of the application in task manager but will just keep doing that instead of actually presenting the PDF to them. If its saved out of their outlook it opens everytime. We talked them into upgrade to acrobat DC and still the same issue, yesterday however was presented with the fact that they wouldn't open from IE 11 either. They get prompted to either save the file or open it right there like a normal download, if they chose open nothing happens besides the instance getting created in the task manager. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried clearing profiles, reloading machines, reinstalling acrobat etc to no avail