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    Flash Quiz

      hi guys... i m plannig to build a quiz based on flash. i want some ideas from u guys...let me tell u how the entire quiz should work..first of all this is a ameture project ..to learn the script well.. now...
      1. quiz will have set of questions...
      2. every question will have four options of answers
      3. on click the right answer it will go to the next question (either it can go by own or through next btn..(nt an issue)
      4. on click wrong anser it will go to the next question directly or though btn ..(but once clicked on an option ..user cant click again on other options)
      5. every question will have a time frame to click on answer..after that time frame it would directly go to next question or it will lock the screen so that user cant answer the previous question or a messege will appear that time is over press next buttn
      6. now every time user click right answer a point will get added ...every right anser that point will get oincreased by an amount
      7.negative marks r nt there
      8. if user click wrong answer,..on click he can see the right answer also ...but he can not click back again on options
      9 Now what is most important is i want the questions should get generate randomly.... from a database or an external file ...where all the questions and answers will be as text... ( like ...we access text from an external txt.fil to flash ) the reason behind this is ..i m plaanig to build an website which is not for busoness purpose,on indian history ,struggle for the independence ..and georgraphical ...in that i will put this quiz section for fun+people will gain knowldge also...thats why i want to add more and more questions on a external file..

      Guys please let me know if anyohne have an ideahow to go for the project... explain me the logics and the procedure (may be)..

      i will be very glad for ur help..