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    Need to insert html (url) into Muse-created widget (on detailed contact form)



      I need urgent help with my detailed contact form in Muse.

      I inserted the form on my website where people can put their info in and I would reply later. I receive their info and when I reply to their form, the mail program automatically catches their mail address from the form, but when I reply, they don't receive it or it goes in their spam box when I send it. I have a fix from our email provider, but I need to insert the html into a Muse generated form. The problem is, I have no access to the Muse html. I can see the name of a Muse-created widget it seems to be using, but that's not helpful.

      the code I am trying to insert is very simple, just one line which is a url

      Could you help me fix this asap?

      Thanks everybody in advance for your quick reply.