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    Web editor, PDF import/parser


      Hi there,


      We a web agency and we building now a web application that allows to import existing PDF files, edit them and export as PDF.

      The current issue - how to handle parsing of the PDF file that was created using Adobe Acrobat Pro tool in that way, that it would allow to "understand" that this file consists of different and separate objects (elements), like text, image, forms and etc.

      Its critically to find in the imported file Forms/Fields elements (screenshot - http://prntscr.com/ihdrrb ) so user could edit them as if he/she would do this in the desktop version of the Adobe Acrobat Pro.


      Do you provide an API that allows to solve the issue?

      Are there other ways of solving the issue?


      Please let me know. I would appreciate as much information as possible.

      Thank you a lot!


      P.S.: Please let me know if you need more information from us.

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          Thom Parker Adobe Community Professional

          First, we are not Adobe, this is a community forum for Adobe Acrobat users.


          So, there are several vendors that sell PDF Libraries, from simple ones like Foxit's QuickPDF to extremely rich and deep SDKs like the open source iText.  There's also PDFLib and of course the official Adobe PDF Library, which is licensed by DataLogics.  And many more. Just do a google search on "PDF Library"

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