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    Browser Key Words


      When keywording in browser commonly used words would appear on the side.

      After installing the updated CC this feature is not there, which INCREASES the

      TIME I have to spend doing keywording.  What am I missing?  Is it sitll there


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I do not add keywords but are you referring to Browse in Bridge... and using Ctrl+F5 to switch to the Keywords workspace? Bridge CC2018 seems to work OK for standard metadata keywords like Aperture Value and I can filter for example f/2.8.


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            PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

            Hello, did look in the windows menu if the metadata panel is not available ? Did you look in the workspaces switcher if one of the different ones is not there?


            Or, do you mean that the list is empty ?

            in this case, you can export and import it from your previous install of Bridge.