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    How to setup Color Settings to perform a straight through RGB to CMY conversion?

    Beck04vall Level 1

      I've been doing a lot of reading regarding ICC profiles and workflows.  That said, I have a very specific use case that I would like help trying to achieve.  I'd like to be able to setup Photoshop to mimic / use a RGB to CMYK conversion that matches what our printer internal print engine is doing behind the scenes (in dev mode) to make image creation easier on my end.  The RGB to CMYK conversion is a simple straight through method (which I understand is not correct from a color perspective) where (255,0,0) RGB = (0,100,100,0) CMYK (following the EasyRGB method outline here: Math | EasyRGB ).  Obviously the K value need to be mapped to something, and can also use simple equations (such as that on the EasyRGB site for CMYK to CMY).


      Is there a way to create a RGB and CMYK ICC profile such that this happens? I imagine they both need to specify the same gamut and the profiles just need to be inverse of the other if I'm understanding this correctly at all. I've been playing with making 'custom' profiles from the dialog available with no luck (although I have been able to get closer to what I want).


      My check to see that this is working correctly is simply to open the color picker window and type in an value of (255,0,0)RGB and get (0,100,100,0)CMYK, which up to this point I can't.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks, -Dan