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    How do I access page 2 of the user forums?

    groove25 Level 4
      Was trying to find a thread for my previous post about the lack of support for Mac OS 10.3.9. It seems that the updated kuler site requires Flash 10, which in turn requires OS 10.4. And I couldn't even access my previous color palettes once this change was made. Yet there was no forewarning of this on the site, that I could tell... Now I was just trying to find that post, but I can't even seem to access anything beyond page 2 of the forums...

      I'm losing my patience with this...

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi Groove25,

          We are very sorry for the inconvenience and lack of notification! We had to upgrade to Flash Player 10 to support additional functionality, including the new beta feature Community Pulse, which just released today.

          You can still access your themes with the Kuler Desktop, an AIR application. Sign in, and you'll see your My Kuler themes, which you can download as ASE files. If you have CS3, you can install SwitchBoard and import directly from Kuler Desktop into CS3 Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. If you have CS4, you can access Kuler themes from the panels from these applications and Flash and FireWorks.

          Adobe AIR - install this before Kuler Desktop
          Kuler Desktop

          As for finding earlier posts, I'm not sure why pagination is not working. If earllier posts have dropped off your view, check your profile settings. (Profile>Personal Settings>Days for view posts).

          Hope that helps...
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            groove25 Level 4
            Thank you.
            I checked the Profile settings, changed the # of days, and I can now access multiple pages. (I didn't know about the Profile settings.)

            Incidentally, as far as I know, AIR can't be installed on Mac OS X 10.3.9, so color themes cannot be accessed with Kuler Desktop on that system... My personal workaround was to install a Flash upgrade on a random campus computer and then login and grab my kuler themes as ASEs. Since then, I've upgraded my computer to OS X 10.4, and installed Flash 10, so I can now access kuler once again (in fact, I was stressed out about the system upgrade at the time of my last post; apologies for posting while upset).

            I would still love to hear from someone on the Kuler team about the choice of color model underlying Kuler (and Illustrator's Color Guide). This topic was brought up by another user whose post I responded to over a month ago. There was confusion about complementary colors in Kuler, and how they don't match the complementary colors of the RGB color model (where complements like red-cyan can be mixed to create a pure gray). I explained my understanding that the Kuler wheel seems to be based on an RYB color model, which supposes a different set of complements. But I truly don't understand the meaning of the word "complement" in the RYB color model, and why that would be used as the theoretical basis for kuler, especially when the underlying system is still RGB.