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    Setting up a coldfusion project in Flex

      This is my first time using flex to connect to coldfusion.

      I've got the following configuration:
      1) Development XP with Flex 3/Adobe CS3
      2) Linux webserver running coldfusion 8/MySQL

      Up until this point, I have been doing my development on the XP box and sending my code to the linux server through RDS.

      I've got RDS configured on the Flex 3 environment and that seems to be working ok.

      However, when I tried to do file->new>flex project and set the application server type to Coldfusion I run into problems.

      On the second page I have standalone or deployed to J2EE server.

      The next line is "Use default location for local Coldfusion server" which I deselect (I'm not sure what the default location really is though...) and set the location to the path /opt/coldfusion8 which is mapped via samba to z:\coldfusion

      Next is the "use built-in coldfusion server". Does this mean that there is a coldfusion server installed as part of the flex 3 environment?? Anyway, I deselected this option and used the path z:\wwwroot\WEB-INF\flex but it still asks for the flex-config.xml which is in that directory and I can browse to it just fine. I'm not sure what they are asking for on the root URL, I assume where the actual code will be stored which I have yet another mapping for that one which is y:\testcf.

      I browsed through the forum and found the following article which spurred me to set up samba for the flex-config.xml file.
      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=60&catid=585&threadid =1359075&highlight_key=y&keyword1=coldfusion

      Anyone have any insight on what might be the issue? Thanks.