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    GIF file exported through iPhone blurred

    kaixuan aelush66727383 Level 1

      Greetings, I have a question regarding GIF file, I have done a GIF nicely (for mobile and devices, 8 bit) and save for web (size 595 x 1162px),
      as I know that iPhone does not support GIF or animated images, so have to use alternative way to send GIF through others way, so I uploaded the GIF to google drive, and "open in"/"share a copy"(print screen attached 1) into whatsapp, and the GIF is blurred(print screen attached 2). But same file same action through andriod phone is very clear.


      I have tried few save setting in the "save for web" still the same, is there any others ways that send GIF through iphone will be clear??



      Thank you very much,


      Aelus Heng


      28308180_10155298969232322_316154321_n.jpgprint screen attached 1


      28340161_10155298964432322_1567384121_o.jpgprint screen attached 2