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    Safe for web, clip to artboard

    casperl47450558 Level 1

      I want to use the function safe for web to export an artboard,

      Photoshop cc 2018 is NOT cropping to artboard edges, i'm having a hard time to understand why you made this change.

      Please let me know how to do this.
      export artboard function is not giving me export options so this is not a solution.

      Why im not getting the export functions when i export an artboard is also a riddle.
      This really makes no sense.



      Please stop making changes/update thats NOT properly tested.
      it's becoming an endless headache to be an Adobe customer these days.

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          Raimundo Illanes Adobe Community Professional

          Hi, I pretty sure that only Illustrator got the clip to artboard function.


          If you want a full artboard, you can select it and got to the name and right click to export as or Quiclk Export as the format you select on your preferences, from Preferences > Export. If you want to export only a layer (clipping the size) you just need to select it and make a Quick Export.


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