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    I'm Having Problems with Lightroom Update

    Skorpion1974 Level 1

      I updated my Lightroom to the New version from 7.1 but around 5 mins into running Lightroom it will freeze and then come up with a Send Error Report which once an option is chosen it will then shut down completely. I tried this a few times timing it each time which still around 5 mins will keep doing the same, after about 5-6 times I noticed on starting Lightroom it began to not recognise the Hard Drive where my Photo's are stored so checking My PC noticed the whole drive had completely disappeared including the drive partition that is System Reserved. I then switched off my PC and left it for a few hours and came back to it to which my drives had appeared back again so tried starting Lightroom again and still around 5 mins into it running it froze up again and then crashed with Error report coming up again, after it close down my PC was telling me I low disk space on the drive I keep all my photo's etc when I have in fact 1.3 TB free remaining. I then decided to roll back the Lightroom update to an earlier version 7.1 and started up Lightroom and ran it for over an hour with no problems and have tried it for a couple of days with no problems and no warnings about any of my drives. Today I thought I would just try Lightroom again just in case it was just a corrupted update so this time I uninstalled it first then done a fresh New Install of Lightroom, once downloaded I started Lightroom up and began to use it and yet again 5 mins into it running it froze with the crash report again.

      My PC specs are Gigabyte Z87X Motherboard

                                  Kingston Hyper X SSD Drive for Boot drive which also runs Photoshop, Lightroom, Gaming Clients, Video Editing Software etc

                                  Seagate Barracuda 2TB Drive for Storage, Photo's, Video's, Documents, Music etc

                                  Seagate Firecuda 2TB Drive for Games

                                  Gigabyte GTX970 G1Gaming Graphics Card

                                  Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB DDR3 1866+ Memory

                                  AOC 27" Full HD Monitor running 1080p resolution

      Gave as much information as possible with the specs as to give as much information on what Lightroom is running on. Hope this helps.