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    Difference between Acrobat DC and Acrobat Standard PRO

    ksiskoy Level 1

      We will be installing Acrobat Standard (DC) and Acrobat Standard PRO.  I have to provide training to staff, and indicate the differences between the two.  I know where the tutorials are for Acrobat DC [Acrobat tutorials | Learn how to use Adobe Acrobat DC ], and they're great by the way - but I can't find anything that discusses, or trains on what Standard PRO does.  Please either provide me with a list of what the differences are - or perhaps, what PRO offers that is not in the Standard version.  Thank you.


      Update:  I just found this page: Plans and pricing: Compare versions | Adobe Acrobat DC   Not sure if that's the right information though.  BUT - I would love to see some tutorials on the Pro items as well.