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    return query from one CFC to another CFC

      I have a CFC called "order.cfc". Also in this app is a CFC called "user.cfc".

      In my order.cfc, one of the functions will setup and create a new order for an existing user. The user ID is passed to the function "createOrder" in order.cfc.

      Instead of duplicating a function called "getUser" from user.cfc, I figured I could pass the arguments.userID from order.cfc over to the getUser function of user.cfc and get my query result back:

      <cfset thisCustomer = createObject("component","user").getUser(arguments.userID) />

      Obviously, I'm doing something wrong as I keep getting this error message:
      The value returned from function getUser() is not of type query.

      However, getUser does return a proper query data type when I access that component directly and not from this other cfc.