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    Is it wrong to remove the watermark of an image even if I want to use it in a non-commercial way?

    Caleb Editor

           Sometimes I like to make photo manipulations on Photoshop using the pictures that I find in Adobe Stock, when doing that I usually remove the watermark of the pictures using the tools inside Photoshop, but is it okay to do that? Most of the time I save the finished image on my computer but when I really like the result of it I post it on my Instragram and on my Twitter, I want to know if doing that is illegal or something. I've heard somewhere that removing the watermark of stock photos and selling them it's illegal and it can result in a $25,000 fine, but I'm not selling the pictures that I make, I am just sharing them with my friends on social media, it's okay to do that, right?


      PS: If you're asking why can't I just license the pictures, it's because Adobe haven't made it possible to do that on my country yet.

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Caleb,


          Ideally, you should not remove the watermark of an Adobe Stock image even though you are using the low-resolution file. Adobe Stock only grants a right to use images and does not transfer the ownership.

          However, if you still wish to use the low-resolution file, you should give a credit line to the photographer when you put them on social media, however, if you use modified images the credit line will become optional.

          Note: It entirely depends on the modification you make. If the modifications are minor, credits are necessary.


          Also, you may want to check with the resellers whether there is a purchase option for Adobe Stock in your region.

          Please see the link provided:find partners


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.