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    Keywords in Lightroom CC vs Classic

    Stovelin Level 1



      I have some issues related to meta-tagging a rather large collection of images. Specifically I need to know how to manage images in Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic.


      I need to metatag about 10K images with many different tags - e.g. animals, history, buildings. When I save the meta-tags for an image I want the tags to follow the image from Classic to CC and vice versa.


      With Classic the tags AKA keywords can be saved to the image file. When I upload the images with keywords to CC it is not obvious what happens... I need a safe workflow to secure my keywords and I am not sure if the best way will be to do all the keywording in Classic or in CC. Obviously I want to be able to move images from CC to Classic and vice versa and still be able to search the images for given keywords.


      I would prefer not to have to choose between them - I need the best form both of them...