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    Creating a cast member search feature

    Scotty T.H.
      Hi there,
      long story short, I wish to have a search feature that allows a user to type in a word e.g."animal" and either all the images of animals in the cast library or a list of images will appear on screen... and if they refined their search by entering "horse" only the horse pictures or image list will be displayed.
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          Hi Scotty,


          I wish

          How much are you willing to pay? Does this have to be in an existing project? Or do you want to buy a complete solution for a browser?


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            Chunick Level 3
            Whatever UdoGre is bidding on this project I can match or beat it in price and add more features on top of that.... oh, this wasn't a bid for a project?... hmmmm....


            More info is needed here, Scotty. What have you come up with so far?... how are the images named? Are they in separate casts or all in the same cast?... is there a naming convention? These are all important questions of which information needs to be provided... plus, again show us what you have so far and maybe it's a simple matter of tweaking it a bit.
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              Lukewig Level 1
              You're asking a very broad question (which I think is just as valid as asking a specific question of implementation - sometimes if you leap in and start worrying about the specifics you can miss the bigger concerns of design)

              Your functional requirements are for
              - input box (respond to RETURN or clicking a 'search' button to start search
              - search 'images' ()
              - display the resulting list of images

              Now the requirements for an input and button a pretty straightforward, but you need to flesh out the other requirements some more before we could help design a solution. For example,

              - are the images always embedded (not linked to external files or dynamically imported) - this is important in determining the best way to attach 'meta' data (descriptive text we can search) to images
              - which searching images, do you want a simple 'contains' style search, wild characters or regular expressions?
              - how do you want to manage the text to be searched (is it purely internal to director, or kept external so it can be updated with out needing to open files with director)
              - when displaying the list of results, do you want to show thumbnails or the whole image?
              - are the images linked?
              - how are the results sorted?

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                Scotty T.H. Level 1
                Thank you for your responses. I feel I've bitten off more than I can chew ... which is often the case. I will muddle my way around a solution I'm sure but you have given me a bit to think about.