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    Capturing white letters

    harleygnuya Level 1

      PS CC/Windows 10 - I have scanned in an image that has a blue background with white and other-colored text on it.  My objective is to extract all of the text, including the white, and be able to print it out without the blue background.  I have a printer that can print white, so I want to be able to print the white characters as well.


      I've used the Magic Wand to select the blue background and then inverted the selection, then used Ctrl+J to put that into a new layer.  That does exactly what I want, with one exception: The white letters wind up being included with the blue background and, therefore, don't get selected.


      I then tried using the Paint Bucket to fill the white letters with another, unique, color, but even though I positioned it inside the letter, it filled the entire blue background area as well - not just the letter.


      Is there a way I can isolate the white characters from the blue background, so that I can capture them, too?