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    Using LRCC fully mobile, no desktop: some issues.

    Keeptickin Level 1

      Ok, so I am a photographer, travelling the US by RV for the next couple years with my gf and didnt want to bring my iMac with us, so I sold it and bought the new iPad Pro 10.7”... I won‘t get into why I thought this was a good idea (swithcing to an ipad, not the RV trip lol), but I’m here now and trying to make it work. For the most part, it does too. I have been uploading photos to the ipad, and when I get a WiFi connection, I upload them all to Creative Cloud and then go through them in LRCC for iOS.


      I wont mention the ridiculous amount of duplicates Creative Cloud makes while uploading, but what my main issue is, is this: If I import the photos into LRCC BEFORE I upload them to CC (for example, to work on photos before I get WiFi and can store them in the cloud), they will be duplicated into my LRCC library AFTER I put them in CC. Basically, it‘s like it has it’s pointer coming from the local storage and then one coming also from the cloud storage. LRCC cannot tell that the two photo’s are the same though, so it has 2 identical photos instead. It’s reallty frustrating... Anyone know what is REALLY going on here and if there is a way to stop this madness?? I’m guessing I just need to NOT import from the local storage into LRCC and just throw them in the cloud first, and then LRCC will automatically update and have them there... idk tho, this new LRCC is funky to me...

      Thanks in advance,