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    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC / Adobe Reader XI Freeze Ups


      My computer is a HP DV6-2066DX AMD Dual Processor with Windows 7 Ultimate on 500GB "C" drive. My default browser is Firefox & alternated is Internet Explorer 11.0. I was using Adobe Reader XI which worked perfectly. I upgraded to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC with no problems. About 6 months ago, the Acrobat Reader DC started to freeze up intermittently...eventually locking continually showing message NO Response. On the Start Task Manager, showed Acrobat Reader DC Processor File for each crash. I tried repair tool without any change. I reinstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on numerous occasions end up with the same results. I even uninstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader DC & installed Adobe Reader XI...same problem. It is really frustrating when I tried everything I could think of.


      I spent many years in the USAF both in Aircraft Electrical Technician & Air Traffic Control (ATC) Radar, Weather Radar, & Navaids Maintenance. I have a college degree in Electronics Technology via USAF. All our equipment was mainly computer programing & repairs on-hand. I read numerous forum posted but still haven't found  any solution to my problem...please HELP!