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    Lightroom CC Classic not Responding

    Sulco Level 1

      I have just updated to the latest version 7.2 (1156743) and still have the same problem as before. When in the Library module everything I try I get the spinning blue circle and Lightroom showing not responding. This continues for a long time and then comes back to life until I do something else. Such as click on another image, trying using the slidder bars on the images or file system. I am running Windows 10 Pro, with a 256SSD and 1TB hard drive. Lightroom library is on the SSD and the images are on the hard drive. I have 16GB memory on a laptop. All other apps are working fine including Photoshop and Bridge, it is only Lightroom that is virtually unuseable.

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          PPhotography808 Level 1

          Try moving the catalog file to your Pictures folder on your C: drive. Depending on how many photos are in your library it may take awhile for it rebuild your previews. From my personal observation, LR 7.2 doesn't play nice if the catalog file is on external drive.

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            Sulco Level 1

            I thought the idea was to have the Catalog on the internal SSD as it is the fastest drive but anyway I have now moved the Lightroom Library from the SSD to the Laptop internal Hard drive. This has made a very slight improvement but I am still getting Not responding and the blue circle all the time in the Library module, even if I click on something like star rating. so no real improvement. This is driving me mad as it makes Lightroom virtually unuseable for me.

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              On another site, someone suggested un-checking the box next to "Use Graphics Processor" found at Edit>Preferences>Performance. Initially, LR wouldn't let me un-check the box, as doing so made the "not responding" problem occur.  Once I restarted LR, I randomly clicked on "Purge Cache" and increased the Camera Raw Cache Settings to 20 Gb, and then I was able to un-check the box next to "Use Graphics Processor"...not sure why it helped, but (so far in the past 1/2 hour) LR has been running well.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  If this is the problem, I'm guessing LR is fighting with the graphics processor driver for control.

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                How much free disk space do you have on that SSD?

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                  Sulco Level 1

                  Thanks for the replies. On my C: drive I have free 53.9GB of 117Gb. I did originally have my Lightroom Library on this drive and

                  then it was quite full. I then moved it onto my F: drive and there I have 292GB free of 931GB (internal hard drive).

                  When I moved the Library over there was no change to the symptom.

                  I have now disabled the Graphic Card and Purged the Cache but no improvement and restarted Lightroom. i already had my Cache set to 20Gb. I did try these tests with Lightroom 7.1 but this never improved the situation.


                  My issue seems to be predomanately in the Library module. If I click on an image in the film strip or the slider in the Grid view or Folder slider it either takes 5-8 seconds to transition or it comes up with Not Responding and the Windows blue circle appears and sometimes at the same time the screen goes white but partially transparent the appropriate slider/image then displays again after 5-8 seconds. If I go into the Develop module then every image I click on in the Filmstrip comes up as I click it in the main display. This used to be the same in the Library module but not any more, unfortunately I cannot remember when it broke. I do not have any issue with any of my other application including Photoshop it appears to only be the Lightroom Library module that is basically unuseable.


                  Lightroom Classic version: 7.2 [ 1156743 ]

                  License: Creative Cloud

                  Language setting: en

                  Operating system: Windows 10 - Business Edition

                  Version: 10.0.16299

                  Application architecture: x64

                  System architecture: x64

                  Logical processor count: 8

                  Processor speed: 2.5 GHz

                  Built-in memory: 16292.9 MB

                  Real memory available to Lightroom: 16292.9 MB

                  Real memory used by Lightroom: 2657.0 MB (16.3%)

                  Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 2984.8 MB

                  GDI objects count: 638

                  USER objects count: 2736

                  Process handles count: 1530

                  Memory cache size: 1068.6MB

                  Internal Camera Raw revision: 894

                  Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 5

                  Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2,AVX,AVX2

                  Camera Raw virtual memory: 1023MB / 8146MB (12%)

                  Camera Raw real memory: 1024MB / 16292MB (6%)

                  System DPI setting: 96 DPI

                  Desktop composition enabled: Yes

                  Displays: 1) 1920x1080, 2) 1680x1050

                  Input types: Multitouch: No, Integrated touch: No, Integrated pen: No, External touch: No, External pen: No, Keyboard: No


                  Graphics Processor Info:

                  DirectX: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M (


                  Application folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

                  Library Path: F:\Lightroom library\Lightroom_library-2-2-2-2\Lightroom_library-2-2-2-2.lrcat

                  Settings Folder: C:\Users\Dennis\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom


                  Installed Plugins:

                  1) AdobeStock

                  2) Canon Tether Plugin

                  3) Facebook

                  4) Flickr

                  5) HDR Efex Pro 2

                  6) Helicon Focus Export

                  7) Nikon Tether Plugin

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You might be crowding that C drive a bit with a 20 GB cache and only 53.9 GB free. The hard drive needs about 20% free disk space just for normal "breathing" room. I don't know if that is part of the problem or not.

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                      Sulco Level 1

                      Thanks Jim for the quick reply. I have chopped it down to 10Gb I have also move the Library to my C drive Pictures directory (missunderstood a previous message before). It is now going up to 15 seconds between images in the Filmstrip with the two changes. I now have 52.4GB free out of 117GB. Just put the Cache back to 20GB and that made no difference and so the increase in time must have been when I moved the Lightroom Library to my C drive. Also it is still intermittently Not Responding for 8-15 seconds.

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                        clintond54960185 Level 1

                        Good point.  I re-directed my cache to a folder the big (non-SSD) drive.

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                          Sulco Level 1

                          Never thought to check where my Cache was. It was on the F drive (hard disk) from previous tests. I have moved it back onto the C: SSD drive but it made no difference. But I think I will move the Cache back onto my hard drive as there is more space there.

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                            Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            Sulco  wrote


                            Cache set to 20Gb. I did try these tests with Lightroom 7.1 but this never improved the situation.


                            I would recommend that you leave the ACR cache on your SSD as it can be read much more quickly than from your hard disk. Also, since the size of the individual cache files was reduced a few years back, the default 5GB cache is more than sufficient. Typically, most of the cache files are in the order of 400KB to 1MB, and with Lr7.x they're created a lot faster than in previous versions.


                            If/when funds are available it would be worth getting yourself a 500GB/1TB SSD and external enclosure to use as a dedicated catalog and cache drive.

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                              Sulco Level 1

                              Thanks everyone for your help here is an Update to the Problem I have:

                              In the Library module of Lightroom if I click on an image or the file/grid slider I get a blue circle for about 8 to 15 seconds and sometimes Not Responding message. When it comes back it works for that image or slider but if I click on another image in the grid view or the Filmstrip it will hang again. This problem has only occured in recent Lightroom versions (not sure exactly when) and is still the same problem with 7.2. i have been using Lightroom since 1.0 and so am quite familiar with the product. The interesting thing is that Lightroom works fine in the Develop, Slideshow and Print modules (dont use the other modules). But this issue makes the Library module virtually unusable.

                              My Laptop is running Windows 10 Pro and I have a 128GB SSD and an internal 1TB hard disk. All my images are on the hard drive but I now have the Lightroom  Cache and Lightroom Library on the SSD in my Users directory. I have found that Windows was showing that I had 50GB free on the SSD but Treesize stated that I only had 26GB. I found that the Windows drivers in FileRepository was at 41GB. I have been able to reduce that dramatically and so I now  have 54GB free space on my SSD. Therefore this should be plenty for Lightroom. I have set the Cache to 5GB and also tried deleting the Cache but this has had no effect. I have also tried turning the Graphics Processor on/off (with restarts) but this has had no effect on the issue.

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                                slobizman Level 1

                                I've got the exact same issue, for the last month or so, and I have TONS of disk space and 32 GB of data.  After starting up LRCC, ti works for as long as I am active in it, but once it sits idle for a few hours, then it goes into this barely/un responsive state.


                                I've looked around the web for an answer.  There are many people having this issue and there seems to be no solution.  All I can do it quite LR and then restart it--then it's good to go for a while.

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                                  threeparks Level 1

                                  My Lightroom has just starting "Not responding" after running it for a year with no issues. No recent changes. Plenty of power, memory, storage. Just wanted to bump this as I've searched many threads with no answer. I will continue trying to fix the issue and report back if I find anything helpful. Thanks for the details from your research, Sulco

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                                    maryd60792651 Level 1

                                    I am having the same issue as well. It's frustrating because I literally have to hurry and make my small changes and export them to Ps before it starts freezing on me. I have contacted Adobe via email and no one seems to have a solution for me.

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                                      grumpyphil Level 1

                                      I had gotten to the point with LR that all I do is editing photos (keep or ditch) and the most simple of tasks like rough cropping b4 taking shots into PS for all the rest of my PP'ing. At this point LR is useless even for these simple tasks. I get the not responding message and then have to restart the program because even leaving it for an hour it's still frozen. So essentially the app is useless at this point. And I'm not running some creaky laptop. i7 processor top rated nvidia card and 64GB of ram should do the trick dontcha think? I have virtually no issues in PS working with 50 layers and several tabs open (I close everything trying to make LR work) This is the definition of insanity.

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                                        chuckhas@gmail.com Level 1

                                        I have read all of these threads and I am having the same issues with LR CC. I am seriously considering trashing LR altogether and try something else. Maybe it's time to cancel my CC account.

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                                          allennjones Level 1

                                          I have the same problem. LR worked fine through April, then there was a series of Windows and LR updates in May that made LR unusable. Not sure which is at fault. I made no hardware changes.  I have tried all the various suggested solutions, removed and reinstalled LR, gone back to LR7.2, disabled graphics, updated video drivers. I noticed that the hard drive that I have my pictures on is running at 100% but not reading or writing anything. I ran dskchk earlier, no issues found. It seems like LR has put the hard drive into some sort of endless loop. The drive is 6TB, about half full, and LR cache is 30GB on the same drive. After exiting LR I am unable to access the drive using File Explorer for about 10 minutes. Computer is a Dell XPS8900, 64GB RAM, NVidia GeForce 960 video card, 8 logical processors, Windows 10.0.17134, 2 displays 1920x1080. Noticed that when I opened LR the hard drive activity went to 100% (not surprising) but then returned to baseline. Paged through about 6 photos OK then LR froze and the HD activity went to 100% and stayed there with no read/write activity and the drive is not accessible from File Explorer. I checked for corrupted files but there didn't seem to be any. CPU is at 4%, memory usage is 18%, other hard drives at 0%, video GPU at 1%. If I wait long enough the hard drive usage drops to baseline and I can work on a few pictures in LR. Then the whole cycle resumes. Sorry for the long monologue but was hoping maybe this would help identify the problem.


                                          I have found that LR (CC Classic) is corrupting files on my hard drive. Everything works fine until I open it. It may work initially but then HD usage goes to 100% without any read/write activity, becomes inaccessible, and running CHKDSK finds corrupted files.

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                                            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                                            Some 'hints' I have picked up-

                                            1. Switch [Off]  Face recognition.

                                            2. Switch [Off]  Sync to mobile.

                                            3. Turn [Off] 'Automatically write changes into XMP' in Catalog Settings.

                                            4. Purge the Video Cache.

                                            5. Refresh the Previews Cache by deleting and allowing to re-build.

                                            6. Turn [Off] "Use Graphics Processor" if you do not have a Retina 4K monitor.

                                            7. Optimize the catalog occasionally- at Catalog Backup, or in the Preferences/Performance.

                                            8. Use Smart Previews instead of Originals for Image Editing- in the Preferences/Performance. Create SPs only for 'working' folders of images.

                                            9. Read some advice at- https://www.lightroomqueen.com/lightroom/performance/

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                                              toddm70642790 Level 1

                                              I have been using LrCC for about 3 months.

                                              no issues until I uploaded 1000 photos this weekend.

                                              the blue circle keeps going around and around.

                                              is this the program loading each image up to the cloud or something?


                                              i was trying to dump a load of photos into a link I could share. Not working at all for 24 hours now.


                                              forced shut down several times.

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                                                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Is this CC, or is this Classic?

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                                                  Russ2014 Level 1

                                                  Update 7.4 seems to have fixed the freezing problem!  They don't even mention it in their update notes, only 'bug fixes', so I took a chance and installed it and so far after a couple of hours no freezing.

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                                                    hughv Level 1

                                                    Lightroom is conpletely worthless with this constant "Not responding" issue. I've tried all the suggestion here, and nothing has helped. I neve had this problem before switching to CC.

                                                    Is Adobe paying any attention to what appears to be many, many complaints?

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                                                      hughv Level 1

                                                      The update helped. Still I've had one total crash and a few "Not respondings". Why do I have to pay for software that is so buggy?

                                                      I've used Adobe software for many years, so this is a major disappointment.

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                                                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        What operating system? How much RAM? How much free disk space? Have you tried disabling GPU support in the Lightroom preferences to see if that helps?

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                                                          jonathanc88672992 Level 1

                                                          Why aren't Adobe addressing what is clearly a very common problem?

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                                                            slobizman Level 1

                                                            "Why aren't Adobe addressing what is clearly a very common problem?"


                                                            They very often don't.  Not good business practice, but that's Adobe.

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                                                              KenZ99 Level 1

                                                              I've had this problem for a very long time in the Library module. I have a Dell XPS8900 with quad core intel i7's, windows10 Pro,  2 displays, 2TB internal SSD, 6TB external drives. I don't use graphics processor, don't use face recognition, only write metadata with cntrl S command, have had this problem on three different desktops and 3 versions of windows ( 7, 8 and 10). My cache is set at 50gb and is on the SSD with my catalog, my photo library is on the external 6TB drive. I have lots of spare disk space. It takes 5 - 20 seconds after selecting another photo to keyword before LR is ready with all the keywords and photo information. When selecting multiple photos to click and move to a collection, I have to wiggle the mouse until the photo stack shows before moving the cursor, else it does not work. LR classic CC was left running overnight and I displayed the preferences and then clicked on "purge cache". LR went into the non-responding mode and took about 2 minutes to complete the operation.


                                                              If you put the cursor over the LR logo in the systems tray while it is in the non-responding mode, you see many windows flash by. When in the non-responding mode the total computer is of no use for any other task/program as LR keeps changing between non-responding and responding. Somewhere LR is missing or losing I/O completion status and keeps looking for results it has missed. In programming, the normal path code is 20% of the code, the other 80% is error processing. LR has a serious systems programming issue with its muti-threaded processing.


                                                              I have to go through "Task manager" once or twice a day to shut down LR Classic CC due to its non responsive behavior. At this point, I have experienced this problem over a hundred times!!! The actions (I/O) that were being processed when LR Classic goes into non-responsive mode appear to always be completed when I restart it, however I have started to detect missing photo files at random places but the .xmp file still exists.


                                                              I'm at the point that I'm ready to find another photo processing program. It's an insult to have to pay for this abuse. get me a diagnostic tool and I'll run it to get Adobe some additional data as I encounter this problem with every LR Classic CC use.

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                                                                slobizman Level 1

                                                                "I'm at the point that I'm ready to find another photo processing program. It's an insult to have to pay for this abuse. get me a diagnostic tool and I'll run it to get Adobe some additional data as I encounter this problem with every LR Classic CC use."


                                                                I own Luminar 2018, and later this year they are adding an image management system to it too compete with LR.  It's an awesome app already, and I'm excited to see how it will compete!  (And they actually have a support staff that replies to you and seems to care)

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                                                                  jacquelingphoto2017 Adobe Community Professional

                                                                  Most of the times "Not Responding" means there's not sufficient system resource. The amount of resource an application uses while in use is far more than that used while at rest. Many times it requires more than twice the amount of resource while in use than while at rest. It would appear the resource to open the images in the library is limited. Have you tried removing some of the images from the library and see what happens? Probably working from a project folder having just the images you're currently working with. Or remove some of the images from the library. You remove images from the library this way:

                                                                  1. With the image open, tap the delete key
                                                                  2. Chose remove (at the right) on the pop-up dialogue box.


                                                                  The video  how to remove images from lightroom classic cc library - Bing video  explains how you can remove images from the Lightroom catalogue without removing it from your computer, as well as how to remove it totally from your computer.


                                                                  Compare your resource with the information at  https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/optimize-performance-lightroom.html and see where you require to optimize your resource.


                                                                  Also you could work in Lightroom while simultaneously having the Task manager up to see if something else is grabbing the CPU intermittently during these “not responding” moments.


                                                                  Please let us know if this helps.



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                                                                    slobizman Level 1

                                                                    "Most of the times "Not Responding" means there's not sufficient system resource."


                                                                    Very powerful iMac, 32GB of memory, no other applications working.  It's an Adobe problem, period.

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                                                                      jacquelingphoto2017 Adobe Community Professional

                                                                      Thank you for your feedback. I can understand you being extremely annoyed, I would be also. We would really want to see this issue resolved. Assuming it is "Adobe problem", I'm not saying it is since I do not have all the facts, it is important that we gather as much information as possible, thus the troubleshooting. Memory is very important for the performance of all applications, but it is just one of the factors involved. I assume you speak of the physical memory, but there is the virtual memory as well as bus speed, processor speed, hard drive, and or SSD space, as well as compatibility that need to be taken in consideration. What is important about all these, is what is available - available memory, available storage space and so on.  We gather all these information make suggestions, and based on your feedback we see how best to have the problem resolved. It would be very helpful to get your feedback on the suggestions I made in my earlier post.

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                                                                        slobizman Level 1

                                                                        I've been through this and so have others. Not going to do it again.  Here's what you need to know:  When LR is stuck not responding, if you quit it and then restart it, it works great.  So nothing has changed except I've quit and restarted LR. The rest of my computer is the same.


                                                                        There are many threads on the web that discuss this. Here's one that will explain it to you without me rewriting the pertinent facts.  Note that this all started for people after they installed 7.3, and if they have an external drive attached.


                                                                        https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/lightroom-classic-cc-not-responding -constantly

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                                                                          jacquelingphoto2017 Adobe Community Professional

                                                                          Oh yes, I saw that earlier today during my research to assist another customer. That was how I came across you, and is one of the reasons I choose to assist you. However to do this I'd need your cooperation. But if you are not up to it, I'll flag your thread message so that I can get back to you in event of a resolution.


                                                                          Best wishes


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                                                                            Disappointing responses.  This is clearly an Adobe issue, yet responses are geared toward user equipment error.



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                                                                              jonathanc88672992 Level 1

                                                                              If the equipment requirements you have listed are a minimum, then this should be clearly stated before anyone purchases the product. It is no good to anyone if you only tell them later. 

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                                                                                jacquelingphoto2017 Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                Hi jonathan, I am sorry you were not aware of the system requirements. That information is very important especially if your system resource is low. I am usually in the habit of not checking, but I know for all products, not just Adobe, it is always there. I remember coming across it while downloading Photoshop. In any case here is a link to system requirement of a number of Adobe products. Search results . Please remember that the requirement listed for any product is the minimum and will need more for efficient performance. The more resource your computer has, the more efficient your applications, and even your operating system will be. The more application you have running in startup, the less available memory resource there'll be. The more stored (not just what you physically save, but also cache, temp files, downloads, invisible files sometimes created by virus, etc.) on your system the less available storage, and virtual memory there will be. Despite the size of your computer and the amount of resource you bought it with, the available resource at any given time is what is important. I always assume an update, or upgrade affects system requirement, and I usually assume  it's more required (even though it is not always the case).


                                                                                I hope this helps


                                                                                • 37. Re: Lightroom CC Classic not Responding
                                                                                  jacquelingphoto2017 Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                  I am sorry you feel that way. Remember we are not near your system, therefore we are unable to say what your resource is, therefor the questions we ask about your system is to rule out the possibility that your resource is low, or there's an incompatibility, or anything else that might affect the product's performance. If we were by your system, that is what we'd check first, then move on to why the product do not work on your system. I agree there are a large number of people with the issue, but there seem to be a vast number of users of the product without an issue. Even with a fix of the product itself, it is your feedback that is going to provide the information for the fix. I do not really work for Adobe; what I do here is voluntary. Of my 3 decades of working with computers, every time I have slow performance, and "Not Responding" messages, it's my computer resource that has diminished. I optimize the memory, it works better. I reduce the amount of stuff stored on the computer, it performs better. Years ago I usually manually empty the temp file of my computer to optimize performance. After a while I'll find that it's time to change for a new one with more resource. Your resource reduces with use, and constant addition of applications, etc., and if you're like me transfers of files from the old to the new; so we really have to check.



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                                                                                    KenZ99 Level 1

                                                                                    You suggested running Task Manager to see system resources. I'm running window10 Pro on a Dell XPS8900. I've replaced the internal 7200rpm 2TB drive with a 2TB SSD. I've noticed no difference in LR Classic performance when processing photos in the Library module and in encountering the no response problem. I usually have Task manager running so I can monitor memory and other system resources. Task manager is what I also use to shut down LR Classic when it gets into the not responding mode. And, it is not easy to do so as LR is continually changing and repainting the video making it difficult to keep Task Manager visible long enough to select LR and click on end task. The system is not out of memory when this problem occurs. LR keeps flopping in and out of not responding depending on which of its strings is running. The only other application running is a web browser and I've even encountered this no response problem with the web browser not running. My file back-up program is set to run only in the middle of the night when I'm not at the computer. The OS updates automatically and the hard drive is optimized automatically. The catalog is optimized regularly and all the other suggested performance items have been addressed. I've rebuilt my preference file from scratch. I can leave LR Classic running overnight and the next day when I start to use it, within a few keystrokes I'm get the not responding. Somewhere, some code is not doing proper housecleaning after task completion causing other code not to be able to run. Yesterday I completed keywording photos from a recent trip, clicked on "edit", clicked on "select all" and then entered a ctrl S  command (Save keywords for selected photos command). LR immediately went into the no response mode before even the keywords for the first photo in the file had been saved.


                                                                                    I live less than an hours drive from Adobe Headquarters and would be willing to call someone at Adobe when this problem occurs and they can come and use my equipment to diagnose the problem. If their engineering or systems test folks can't reproduce the problem I'm more than willing to let them use my equipment to debug the problem. As background information, I spent 35+ years in software systems engineering developing middleware communication products. Middleware is the layer on top of the OS and below the application layer.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Lightroom CC Classic not Responding
                                                                                      jacquelingphoto2017 Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                      Good evening. Thank you for your feedback. I've referred this thread to Lightroom product managers.


                                                                                      Best wishes,


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