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    "Syncing Photos" without a number - what does it mean?


      Apologies in advance if this is already dealt with; a search didn't turn up anything relevant.


      I'm in the process of migrating about 25,000 items to the cloud, and have checked the box to keep a copy of everything on local storage. For about three days, when I clicked on the cloud icon in the upper right I would see a countdown, starting from 25,000, at a rate of 2 or 3 seconds per image. Some time during the night it finally reached zero.


      Now I see just the words "Syncing Photos", with an animated blue circle but no numbers.  What exactly does this mean? Is LR now downloading the photos to my hard drive? Can I use the program while this is happening, e.g. import new photos from my camera? Can I now set up LR on another computer? Since there's no countdown, is there any way to predict how long this process will take?