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    DC not responding for 1-2 mins


      I have one user having this issue.  Working with Adobe DC Pro, Win 7, plenty of RAM and processor.  All updates complete, and nothing showing in event viewer.  She had this on a separate machine, but I had to replace that machine, and now she has it on the new one as well.  It does not matter what she does.  If she goes through the menus it will eventually say that it is not responding in the title bar, but if she waits for 1-2mins it will come back.  This happens in every aspect of her working with Adobe.

           I have re-installed many times, used adobe cleaner, and Ccleaner.  So I know the install is not the issue.  If I use my Adobe profile with her machine logon it still happens, so don't think it is an Adobe profile related issue.  I have played with the security, preferences, and so on in the other articles to no affect.  I really need to get this person functioning normally.