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    loadMovie Error trapping


      I am developing for flash player 6 environment and I need error trapping code similar to mclListener.onLoadError (which works for flash player 7 and beyond).

      my project loads external audio files (that are swfs) and until those swfs are available (they are not made yet) I want an alternate script to load a generic audio file in their place so I know that everything is working and don't have to wait for the audio to be made by other members of my team.

      once the actual audio is available, the exact same code will play that, without having to go in and recode everything.

      So, I'm looking for listener code or whatever to load an alternate swf when the actual one is not found.

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          Rothrock Level 5
          As far as I know there really isn't a sweet way to do this. You can make a repeating function that checks and after some amount of no progress it assumes that nothing is coming and will do what you want.

          I also remember reading about some ideas regarding the XML class which doesn't care if the code you are actually loading is XML and does have an onLoad event. So you could try loading the swfs with XML and if successful reload with loadMovie the correct file and if not successful load the stand in file. In theory it wouldn't slow down the deployed version too much since the first XML "fake" load would put the file into the user's cache, but ... it seems risky.

          A better approach to using fake files might be to either have an XML of the external sources and just keep that updated or perhaps just place duplicate copies of your test swf and replace them as new content comes in.