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    change email address in signature

    JGTiii Level 1

      How do I change my email address in my digital signature? I just noticed that it contains an email address that is no longer valid. I'm using Acrobat XI Pro on my Win10 Pro system.

      In Acrobat Pro XI, if I click Edit > Preferences > Signatures > click More for "Identities & trusted Certificates", under "Digital IDs" I see my certificate, it is stored in "Windows Certificate Store", I see that it has the wrong (no longer working) email address but I don't know how to correct it.


      I see that I can create a new digital ID, is this what I should do?

      I clicked "Add ID" > selected "A new digital ID I want to create now" > clicked Next > Selected "Windows Certificate Store" to store the ID and clicked Next > completed the form (no organization a unit or Organization name) accept the defaults, and  clicked Finished


      Now I see the new signature with the correct email address. I assume that I should select the invalid entry and then click "Remove ID" in the menu, this I did.