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    Pupils wont move, really appreciate any help.


      Hello People,

      I really need your help (studied the youtube video and everything.)

      Basically, my pupils wont move. I have tagged them correctly, tried it with folders with both +Left Eye and Left Eye. I really cant figure this out. I would really appreciate any help.

      Thank you


      Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 19.31.35.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-22 at 19.32.41.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-22 at 19.35.16.png

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          Most common reason I have seen is the “tags” not being quite right. E.g. “Left Pupil Range” being set on “Left Pupil“ or something like that, so the max range is the same as the eye size. To check that need to see the tags, which are under the properties. The group names you show are used to auto-tag the properties, but sometimes it gets things wrong.


          The three tags I check first are “Left Pupil” (so it knows what to move), “Left Pupil Size” (used to work out how big the pupil is), and “Left Pupil Range” (says how far the pupil can move). Typically your “Left Eyeball” group will get the “Left Pupil Range” tag, but if “Left Pupil” had all 3 tags set then pupil range and size would be equal, meaning it has no room to move.


          If you cannot work it out, if you can share the puppet (either direct message or share on forums here) I don’t mind having a quick look if helpful.