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    [AS2] Contact Form Flash/Php woes (Help!)

      Hi there guys, I'm brand new to these forums, spurred to search for them by a constant thorn in my side: the contact form.

      My company purchased two flash web templates while beginning me on lynda.com flash training. I got a month to absorb info from lynda before they passed the templates to me and basically said, "Here, make these our new websites." I've done the best I could with the knowledge I was given, but I'm still up a creek without a paddle when it comes to the contact forms for both sites. Thankfully, I don't need to deal with two forms of contact forms: the actionscript for the first contact form is the same as the second.

      I feel as if I'm just missing one tiny thing...but I can't find it. Can you guys look at this and see what I'm missing? Thank you so much.

      Here is the actionscript, which resides within the actions layer at the top of my stack: