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    I tried to cancel my free trial, adobe didn't let me, now I'm being billed $250+

    wilsonc99276442 Level 1

      I manually cancelled my adobe stock subscription before the trial ended, but in January I was billed for it. I contacted support multiple times. The first 3 representatives prematurely closed the chat for no reason. The last one told me my trial was successfully cancelled.


      However, I checked my bank account today and I have a $43.99 bill from Adobe stock, as well as an upcoming $28.78 charge, so I logged in and somehow I was signed up for Adobe stock. I manually cancelled it but I was told I'd be charged a $200 fee.


      Adobe, please cancel this properly and refund me. This was not an error on my part, there is something wrong with your system or your support reps are not doing their jobs properly (probably both).


      I refuse to be unfairly charged for these fees. Is there anyone else I can contact? I don't trust the people at helpx.adobe.com/  because they didn't actually cancel my subscription when I asked them to.