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    linking flash buttons to website using div sections

      Ok, I am a total Newbie at Flash and Dreamweaver and I am having serious issues linking flash the flash buttons from my navigation bar to the main frame on my webpage. I have the buttons working, and they do link to a page, just they do not link to the frame, instead they load the page as a full page itself.

      I am using Dreamweaver and a website template I found online. I believe the problem to why it is not working is because this template doesn't seem to be using frames, and I can not find the name of the frame to reference in the flash button actions. This template is using a lot of <div> tags to separate the sections in the index file.

      Does anyone out there know how to link flash button actions to open a page in a specific div section? Also, how can I make sure that it is these div tags that are creating the frames, and how to find out what each section is called? (I'm new to dreamweaver as well)

      This is my first post and last resort, forums don't fail me now! Thanks to anyone out there who helps me.