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    Pen tool, layer mask issue question

    brads50084782 Level 1

      I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue I'm struggling with. 

      I want to remove the white background from an "award" element jpg.  There are a couple of words

      in the middle between two olive wreaths on the left and right.  I tried the Magic Wand but it left too much

      outside the marching ants and I find it a real pain to edit it.  So, I've elected to user the Pen Tool, which allows

      me to select exactly what I want.   Ultimately, the goal is to get this logo over a transparent background and

      make several different colors of it (black, white, orange).


      I pen tooled the wreaths, closed path, and right-clicked inside the path.  From the dropdown, I selected

      "Make Selection", no Feather Radius, anti-aliased, New Selection.   Hit OK.  At the bottom of the Laters screen,

      I selected "Create Layer Mask".  The background in the image around the wreath (I had it on a separate layer),

      instantly disappeared, and I was left with just the wreath over transparency.  Just what I needed.  I then added a

      "fx" and selected color overlay and was easily able to change its color.


      I then tried it on the three words.  I followed the steps  exactly as above, but when I added the Layer Mask,

      instead of the thumbnail showing up "black" like the two wreaths, it showed up white, and I couldn't therefore

      lose the white background.  I've tried everything I can think of....


      Could someone explain what I need to do, and/or why it's now not working?


      Thanks in advance