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    Publish Services used with The Turning Gate Backlight

    John Blaustein Level 4



      I am using LR Classic CC 7.2 along with Backlight from The Turning Gate.  (Backlight is a web design and publishing app.)  I have LR Publish Services set up to publish images in LR to my web server for use by Backlight.  This works perfectly.


      My question is this:  Is it possible to select multiple albums/collections in the TTG (Turning Gate) Publish Services pallet in LR and publish them all at once?  I have not found a way to do that.  Instead, I can only select and publish one album at a time.  This works, of course, but it is something of a nuisance to have to do them separately.


      Thanks for any help with this.



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          bcobb10b Level 1

          John, have you posed this same question to the TTG forum?  Matthew and Rod are usually quick to respond.


          I could've sworn I was able to publish multiple albums by flagging several to republish & then clicking on the Lightroom Publish button at the bottom left of the screen.  But your question has me wondering --- will try it again.


          Bill Cobb

          Lightroom & TTG Backlight user

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            John Blaustein Level 4

            Hi Bob,


            Yes, I did post on the Backlight forum and got an answer:  Here's the link:




            User kolohe280 said:

            "Regarding publishing more than one album at a time......

            "Lightroom will allow it.  All you have to do is go to each album and click on publish and it will start multiple publishing streams.  However, don't do it!!!  Either Lightroom of Backlight (not really sure which) can't handle it, and you will end up with messed up galleries on your site.  Some of the things you'll see are captions missing and photos out of order.  It's easy to fix, but a waste of time.

            "There is one way that does work, but it won't apply in all circumstances.  If you have a collection/album set defined in the publisher interface. you can click on it (bringing up the display of all the photos in the set), and then click on Publish, and it will work it's way through everything in the albums in that set that needs to be published.  Since that does them one at a time, things don't get screwed up."

            What I found is that if I place several collections into a collection set, I can then select the set to publish and then all images within that set are published.