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    Lightroom as an image archive for a team


      We are a team of 7 Lightroom users at work.

      Everyone has a licence to use cc.

      We would like to use our image archive together.

      Is it possible to connect one Lightroom archive to all of us  so that everyone may use it from their computer?

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom is not designed as a multi-user system. That's important for you to remember.


          There is also more than one Lightroom. "Lightroom CC" is a new cloud-dependent Mac/PC application. "Lightroom Classic" is the traditional Lightroom which can communicate with the cloud, but is more for a local hard drive use.


          If you all use one user account, you could all use LRCC which uploads originals up to Adobe's cloud. Each person could then access originals on any computer. You would be able to edit full res files and send them to Photoshop. However, LRCC's features are very limited. It can't print, for example, and its metadata and organisational features are minimal. Other than image editing quality, it's not designed as a tool for professionals.


          "Lightroom Classic" is that tool but its catalogue is single-user. You can use it in a team, but you have to agree procedures between yourselves. Each person will have their own catalogue, but the archive of originals would be held on your server. You would then have to agree things like "only J is allowed to edit files in folder J".


          Does that help?