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    Something for the weekend - Part 8 - The Angel

    davescm Adobe Community Professional


      There were some excellent responses to last weekend's challenge. This time I've gone for something a bit different , but I hope it will get just as wide a range of creative responses.


      This is the Angel of the North which is 20 years old this week. Designed by Antony Gormley, and completed in 1998, it was very controversial when first erected. Over the years has become something of an icon in the North East of England and, due to its location, has become one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world - seen by more than one person every second.  Built of steel, it stands 20 metres tall, has a wingspan of 54 metres, and weighs 200 tonnes!


      So the challenge this week, on the angel's 20th birthday, is to use the statue in an image of your own. Feel free to alter it, warp it , give it new material, put it to a new use but do keep it (sort of) recognisable within your image.


      Anything goes as long as it meets the forum rules on decency, copyright etc.

      Anyone is welcome to have a go - whether you are a complete beginner or a Photoshop expert.

      There are no prizes - just the chance to practice, show off, or bring a bit of humour and fun.


      When posting back your edited images please use jpeg and downsize to 1200px on the long side. 

      To download the image below without the forum scaling artifacts, right click and then use Save Image As / Save Picture As (or similar depending on your browser).





      Have fun.



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