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    Sync hide/show layers on the artboards



      I would like to know if is possiblt to sync the show/hide layers on the artboards.


      Basically I have 15 artboards (different sizes) with Layer English, Layer French, Layer Italian, other Layers with the images etc.

      I would like to export all artboards in one shot with one time with Layer English, one time Layer in French and one time with Layer in Italian.


      Do you know if is possible to have a master photoshop layer control cross artboards?

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          SteveWeinrebe Adobe Community Professional

          I am not exactly sure of your question, but it sounds like you may want to use Layer Comps, which you can then easily export as files with one command.

          1. Go to Window > Layer Comps, to open the Layer Comps panel.
          2. Make only one Artboard visible, by clicking on the artboard visibility icons (little eyeball in Layers, next to the Artboard in layers)
          3. For each language layer, if you need each one in an Artboard exported as a separate file, do the same, make one language layer visible and hide the other language layers - by clicking the eyeball next to the layers, or Option/Al+click on just the layer you want visible.
          4. Then click the "new" icon in Layer Comps to create a new Layer Comp based on that Artboard's visibility (see screenshot).
          5. Do the same for all the Artboards and specific layers you want to export as files, creating a new Layer Comp with each one being the only one visible.
          6. Click the Forward/Back buttons at the bottom of the Layer Comps panel to check that all the Layer Comps are as you want them. If not, fix what should be visible for that Layer Comp and click the circular arrow "update" button at bottom of Layer Comps, to update that Layer Comp.
          7. Lastly go File > Export > "Artboards to Files", to export each Artboard as a separate file.


          Tip, if you Option/Alt + Click on the New Layer Comp button, you won't get prompted with the dialogue asking to name the Layer Comp. It speeds things up if you don't need to actually name the Layer Comps with something other than Layer Comp 1, etc. You can always name them afterwards by double clicking on the name in the Layer Comps panel.

          Photoshop CCScreenSnapz043.jpg

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            gBaylaender Level 1

            That is exactly what I need!

            Thank you

            I'm saving a lot of time with Layer Comps