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    Script Path/Filename After Digital Signing


      I know how to use Javascript and the this.SaveAs function (yes with a folder level function, just to get that out of the way). I can use it to create a path and filename for a Save button in a PDF document.


      However, when digitally signing a document I would like to be able to, at the very least, define the filename/path automatically.  We have a form that must be filled every day then signed/locked/saved for compliance purposes.  Right now we have to manually change directories and rename the master document to include the audit's date.  On a side note, if I include the code in the "run script after signing" option it will re-save the document with the Javascript save code after the signing process is complete, but this seems like an odd way of operating if it can be avoided.


      Am I stuck on this one?  Open to suggestions.


      Please refer me to another community if you think I'll get better answers there.  THANK YOU, guys!