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    How can I use photoshop's svg exports for raster images, and why won't it show in dropbox. (I'm not a web designer, just a designer trying to understand)

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      I'm a designer/illustrator for an upcoming website that essentially lets people customize personal gifts with the illustration assets I make. At the time of this start up I was using photoshop to make "fine art" like creations, so digital paintings, images with charcoal and pencil textures, watercolor/ink, ect. These images have to retain quality to be printed on to a 48x72 sized canvas. Halfway through my production I was asked to stop exporting as pngs because they are too large for the site and switch to svgs.


      As most of my work is raster, I'm confused on what to do.


      When I would export my images as SVGs in Photoshop they refused to open in Dropbox for my employer and the web designer to use. They won't preview and apparently not open when uploaded to the site. I'm 110% no one who informed me of the switch ie my boss actually understands or knows what an svg is so they're looking to me for answers that I do not have because I'm not familiar with the format either except when dealing in Illustrator.


      I've since attempted to image trace all my images which sucks because they of course don't look nearly as pristine as 'artsy' as before.


      Can someone please explain to  me how I can retain the print quality of the image but export  the raster images as svgs that can be uploaded to the Dropbox without any issues?


      Again I'm not a web designer so please go easy on me with the jargon.