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    iMac Pro slow performance

    mikem87557378 Level 1

      I just bought a new 2017 iMac Pro, 3ghz 10core processor, 64 gb ram, 16 gb GPU. I set the new iMac Pro up next to my 2014 5K iMac 4 ghz quad processor, 32 gb RAM, 2 gb GPU and they literally had the same exactly playback with RAM preview. The iMac pro could not even play full resolution playback. Both set to 1/3 and they both stuttered in the same places. So I'm just wondering did I waste $7,000. My projects are mostly animations with characters from high res photoshop files. Please help! Thank you!!!

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          tobiasw10386361 Level 1

          I'm having the exact same problem, I have a Mac Pro 3.5Ghz 6 Core with 64Gb of RAM.  In both Premiere and After Effects, my playback is so slow I can't even perform basic edits.  This has to be some setting I'm missing or some glaring issue, both programs are unusable.

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            mikem87557378 Level 1

            Its really disappointing. From my research I guess adobe apps currently favor faster processors, over multiple cores. So in my case I may have made a $7000 downgrade from a 4ghz processor to a 3ghz. I'm really hoping someone from Adobe answers and we can figure this out.

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              martinl96064850 Level 1

              Same experience here. iMac Pro 10-core / 64GB RAM. It's performing about the same as a 2016 Mac Pro w/ 16 GB of RAM.

              + a new quirk where sometimes transparent PNG's can't be shown at all – they become a garbled glitchy pattern of random colors (?)


              What's going on? Are the Radeon Pro Vega drivers not finished yet or something?

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                mikem87557378 Level 1

                From what I understand GPU drivers are included in Mac software updates. I checked the website for Radeon Pro Vega and the drivers are for windows and Linux. I just do not understand how these two machines are performing absolutely the same, while the iMac Pro is superior in every spec. Going from the iMac 2014 to iMac pro, I also went from fusion drive to SSD, read and write speeds are double, yet I see no difference in performance. Is there just a limit to how fast Premiere Pro and After Effects can run? So I can never expect to have smooth playback, no matter how powerful the machine? Ugh. One thing I did notice is when I switch GPU acceleration to OpenCL from Metal, exporting is way faster, but does nothing for playback.


                Someone better call Apple and tell them not to make any new computers, because I guess 2014 iMac works as fast as iMac pro. Adobe is industry standard, and most creatives use it in some capacity. I just don't understand, Pro software should work better on pro machines.

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  This is a long standing annoyance for many Adobe users who've gone out and bought expensive multi-core systems, only to be unimpressed with the results.  For the time being, and for the past few years, in After Effects at least, Adobe have not been pursuing multicore enhancements with much fervour.


                  There are numerous threads about this matter:

                  AE 2018 multi processing



                  There's a third party render tool that will make good use of all cores during renders:

                  RenderGarden | by Mekajiki


                  But this won't enhance your general user experience.


                  Your iMac Pro will make great use of the multicore engine on tools that are designed for it:  Cinema 4D, for example.  It also means you'll get better results running multiple tools simultaneously - using After Effects while rendering in Media Encoder, for example.


                  But there is no evidence that Adobe plan to add better multicore support in the near future.


                  Depending on where you purchased, some sellers (including Apple) offer a 30 day return policy.

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                    mikem87557378 Level 1

                    Thank you Andrew! I will look over those resources. I'm either going to return the iMac pro. Or hold onto hope that Adobe will support Multicore performance eventually. Such a bummer! So in other words, my user experience is as good as its going to get regardless of machine. Bummer. Thanks man.

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                      austinl44961167 Level 1

                      hey mike, what did you end up doing? i just got my 10 core imac pro (64gb ram, 16gb gpu as well). premiere playback is ridiculously faster for me but still having a ton of trouble with AE. I'm considering returning my imac pro and getting an imac with a 4.2 ghz quad core instead

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                        mikem87557378 Level 1

                        Hey Austin, I actually reached out to adobe on twitter and they told me that at this time adding additional cores does not increase playback performance at this time. So AE is pretty much the same on my quad core 2014 iMac...So I guess there is just no way to improve performance spec wise for AE then, there are no macs with processors faster than 4 ghz, and multiple cores do not matter, so I think were stuck for now with AE. If I could return my iMac Pro I would, but turns out I can't, just ask yourself, was this a $7,000 improvement. For me no, If I could take it back, I would have not bought the iMac Pro, since I only use adobe.

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                          austinl44961167 Level 1

                          thanks for the response. what a shame. i'm going to look into returning my imac pro (which hurts because i love everything about this machine) and look into a cheaper imac with a 4ghz processor.


                          one thing i did notice about this imac pro is that playback in premiere is flawless. I can add LUTs, color grade, change the scale, and i dont have to wait for one second.


                          adobe has really screwed this up. it seems like computers are headed in the direction of increasing cores, not processor speed. i wish they would announce that they're adding multi-processing in the next update so i could justify keeping this beautiful machine

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                            mikem87557378 Level 1

                            I agree, it sucks. Watching videos on youtube of the latest maxed out iMacs have pretty good playback in premiere also, so might not be that bad. my 2014 iMac in premiere actually is still pretty good. I agree, I'm sure in time they will take advantage of these more powerful computers, I mean they only want their software to get faster not slower, but who knows when that will be. By then the iMac pro 2 might be out. There's a rumor of a new mac pro coming out later this year also! So maybe wait for that if anything. I wish I had

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                              austinl44961167 Level 1

                              i just called adobe. turns out the source of my problem is that i was using old .aep files from my old comp. creating a new project and importing the old files has helped to speed things up. they did assure me, however, that the speed of the processor is significantly more important than the number of cores.


                              That being said, rendering/exporting files will utilize up to 12 cores which is nice. Still, I need to make a decision...I really wish I had a stacked imac with a 4.2 processor to test this out...

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                                mikem87557378 Level 1

                                Oh ok good to know! on my iMac pro I have started a new job, but same type of project. I opened it on both computers and it performs the same. For me the puppet tool is really slow, and acts the same on both computers.

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                                  jsyboy75 Level 1

                                  I’ve been finding the same performance issues on my new 10 core iMac pro, really don’t know what to do. Warp stabiliser is really slow and exporting is not as fast as I’d hoped. I have an old mid-2011 machine too and some tasks work just as fast on that. This is a massive issue, and not the only one I’ve found with Adobe, I’ve just invested £6k on a new machine to speed up my workflow - can’t believe it...

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                                    Jose Panadero Adobe Community Professional

                                    I've got the same problem. I've been using a secondary monitor connected to one of the new USBC port using an adapter. As soon as I changed the connection to another port, AE and Cinema 4D started to work as expected. I don't know if this is the same environment as the one you are using, but for those of you using 2 monitors, try to change the connection.

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                                      austinl44961167 Level 1

                                      i agree, warp stabiilizer is frustratingly slow. ive been pretty happy with render times. make sure if you are working on projects from your old system, youre importing them into new project files. ive decided to stick with the imac pro as i think this is an adobe issue, not a system issue. i think the solution is just to bug the hell out of adobe about the lack of multi core processing ability

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                                        jsyboy75 Level 1

                                        I have done so today, they assure me it will be improved with the next update later this month or early April

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                                          austinl44961167 Level 1

                                          awesome. that's great news. but if they dont make the necessary changes i think we all need to really go after them...the future of processing is multicore, embarassing they aren't already pioneering that

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                                            jsyboy75 Level 1

                                            it's either that, move to FCPX or sell your iMac pro...

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                                              mikem87557378 Level 1

                                              From what I’ve researched, most effects, including warp stabilizer only use one-two cores, so warp stabilizer does not benefit from additional cores. But there are other effects that do, and some that are even GPU accelerated. Still wish overall performance, including playback was faster with added cores. I usually do have a cont monitor connected, I turn it off and on constantly while working and AE seems the same. Playback Performance on my two iMacs is the same also, wit or without the added cintiq.

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                                                bradleyc6122788 Level 1

                                                Also just bought the 2017 iMac Pro, 3ghz 10core processor, 64 gb ram, 16 gb GPU and wow After Effects is not benefitting from the power of this machine.


                                                Having all the same problems as above but the most laughable was when I went to adjust the tracking of some plain old text. Laggy and highly time-consuming. Adjusting just small amounts I'd have to wait at least 2-3 secs before seeing the adjustment happen - WTF? My late 2012 MBP is instant...


                                                Could someone else test this out please to make sure I'm not going crazy...


                                                Here's a quick test video I uploaded, this is actually the fastest I could get the changes to react: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lllIQ-4r6FnTFlg7k195PHNxmh7vu4CP


                                                So far the only benefit to this machine is editing but primarily being a motion designer / 3D artist I'm very disappointed so far. After Effects has no major speed increases apart from render times. Ram preview does NOT fill up any faster than my late 2012 MBP that I can see. C4D experiences lag in the interface. Some improvements are evident like viewport speedup with some instances and render times but I've not been on a 3D heavy project enough so far to really 100% comment on C4D as yet.

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                                                  mikem87557378 Level 1

                                                  Hey Bradley,


                                                  I just tried with some text and it is instant for me, not sure if the other layers in your comp are affecting it? Maybe the size of your comp is larger than what I tested in, mine was 1920x1080? But I agree with everything else you said. The reason I bought mine was for faster playback RAM preview performance, and its the same as my 2014 iMac. Only advantage I've had so far is also with rendering, but its not a $7000 difference. sucks

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                                                    bradleyc6122788 Level 1

                                                    All other layers had been eyeballed off.


                                                    Found one difference and that the FAUX BOLD option. For some reason on the iMac Pro that creates the major lag on whereas my MBP is silky smooth...?

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                                                      mikem87557378 Level 1

                                                      Oh that is strange, maybe AE hasn't fully been optimized for iMac pro yet, but still lol.

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                                                        jsyboy75 Level 1

                                                        try making a time-lapse with still jpegs in Premiere - appalling. No faster than a 2011 iMac...not impressed.

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                                                          @wmdcreative Level 1

                                                          I recently purchased the 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16GB Ram and 575.4 GB GPU or the Imac UnPro...I guess you could call it!

                                                          Anyway, experiencing the same issues using Adobe CC and most of my work is in print, web and 3D.  I have a 2011 Imac 2.9 GHZ with 32GB Memory that's still runs just about as good as my new Imac. Going to add more RAM but disappointed to say the least!

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                                                            mikem87557378 Level 1

                                                            I went from 32 gb of RAM to 64 and saw no difference in RAM preview.

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                                                              markusw90010395 Level 1

                                                              Adobe is about to release all new CC updates today for this year's NAB show in Vegas. Maybe we'll see some improvements in performance. I am waiting for the updates to become available and to try them on my iMac Pro (8-core, 64GB, 16GB).


                                                              Adobe is featuring MACS-only in all of their PR videos demonstrating new features and workflows. You'd think they'd make sure their apps perform really well on these stylish machines.


                                                              Is anyone attending NAB this year? Would be a great opportunity to talk to Adobe and ask them what's going on with their lack of support for the multicore iMac Pro and - let's not forget - the upcoming totally redesigned Mac Pro, which will also feature powerful multi-core CPUs.

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                                                                mikem87557378 Level 1

                                                                I saw that, I'm excited to try the update out! I specifically mentioned to them I would like a faster puppet tool, and I see its listed as a new feature. Maybe they are listening!

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                                                                  Dave LaRonde Level 7

                                                                  Hell, AE hasn't been optimized for ANYTHING yet.  Except generating some income for Adobe.

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                                                                    @wmdcreative Level 1

                                                                    Thanks for sharing Markus! I'm confident Adobe will get it right as they are very in-tune with their customers...they are definitely listening! 

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                                                                      austinl44961167 Level 1

                                                                      I wasn't anticipating attending NAB but I see it's in Vegas....could be a nice trip that I could write off on taxes lol.


                                                                      Thanks for sharing! This has been a great forum and I hope that if Adobe doesn't achieve what we expect them to, that we all stay on them about it! I think we've all spent way too much $$$ on processing power to not have it pay off.

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                                                                        jsyboy75 Level 1

                                                                        I invested in the iMac pro for one major job - if Adobe don’t update the software I’ll use FCPX for that gig. Not a fan of FCPX but if it’s faster then it’s the only option.

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                                                                          eriksoderberg Level 1

                                                                          Just updated to 15.1.0 and can see a slightly quicker preview rendering - but still lightyears from what I would have hoped for.
                                                                          Now it's running smooth on a thirds resolution (1080) on a project that laged yesterday. In full quality the render time is painfully slow. The CPU is 80% idle during the preview render - feels like I've invested in a top of the line racing car and Adobe has put a 20 mph speed limit on it.  

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                                                                            mikem87557378 Level 1

                                                                            I just opened the newest AE update, and play back is the same speed for animation with the puppet tool. Still in 1/3 resolution, and that's barely playing on 10 core iMac pro. Those of you that use premiere, have you noticed it is slower in this newest patch? When I do any action like cut a clip, or right click and delete ripple, there is like a half second delay between every action. UGH!

                                                                            • 35. Re: iMac Pro slow performance
                                                                              jsyboy75 Level 1

                                                                              Think I'll give the Premiere update a miss then for now. It doesn't mention any support for multi core rendering in the 'what's new' text anyway. But at least there's auto ducking for music...so there's that...

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                                                                                donbarrum Level 2

                                                                                The more cores and lower GhZ the slower AE will get. my OLD quad core imac performed better than my previous 6 core PC. and my 6 core PC performed better than my current 16 core PC. AE is the only program that feels less optimized for every new modern fast machine. Only way to get fast AE is to buy a overclocked low core gamer rig or a standard 4 core iMac.

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                                                                                  visionf47452569 Level 1

                                                                                  Anyone got any experience with the 8 core iMac Pro for AE animation? Does it fair better than the 10?


                                                                                  Also, is the Vega 56 adequate for AE animation? Seeing as AE doesn't use the GPU much, is the Vega 64 not going to make much difference?

                                                                                  • 38. Re: iMac Pro slow performance
                                                                                    donbarrum Level 2

                                                                                    I have done significant testing with AE and performance. Its pretty much all about your GPU and CPU clockspeed, since AE hardly use any CPU cores at all (sadly). So single core clockspeed is all that matters, for responsiveness. If I overclock my PC from 3.8 to 4 ghz I actually notice a big difference in AE previewing and scrubbing and UI latency. And if you can get a GhZ up to 5 it would have meant a GREAT deal to AE responsiveness.
                                                                                    When I work in AE on my 16 core CPU beast, the machine pretty much idles when I work or render. optimally AE manages to use around 10% of my CPU performance, but usually it idles around 5%. But the clockspeed matters for UI responsiveness and live preview which improves the experience when working. Sadly this is just how badly optimized AE is, so an iMac Pro in general is a bad match with AE.


                                                                                    Its as simple as this: the more cores/lower clock speed = the worse experience you will have in AE. So if you are going to buy an iMac Pro for AE alone, or AE and premiere, pay for clockspeed and save money on cores.


                                                                                    Pudget Systems have really good benchmark testings for AE and a good place to read about what is good for the program. And in general the cheaper gamer rigs are the best option.


                                                                                    To your question about the iMac pro, since the 10 core has higher turboboost and slightly lower clockspeed I assume there will not be much difference. The current standard (not pro) 27" imac with the 4.2ghz and 4.5 turboboost would actually give you better performance in AE.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: iMac Pro slow performance
                                                                                      visionf47452569 Level 1

                                                                                      Thanks. You mention that the GPU clock speed is important? I thought GPU was not very important with AE?


                                                                                      Would be good to get info on how the 8 and 10 core Xeons compare to each other for AE work.

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