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    (Photoshop) Touch gestures using a Cintiq27QHD touch on Mac

    hiragaruben Level 1



      I have always used my Cintiq27QHD touch on Windows, and the touch gestures were great and fluid, all pan, drag, rotate, pinch to zoom worked perfectly.

      However I recently got a Mac (High Sierra Installed), and the touch is terrible on photoshop.


      First thing I thought, well it must be the wacom driver because outside the photoshop, using gestures on the system for app expose, show desktop etc works after the gesture is finish, or doesn't work or recognize at all!


      But, when I installed Sketchbook Pro on this Mac, the gestures are working just as it is on windows, being able to zoom and rotate and drag at the same time with zero lag or delay like Photoshop did on Windows.


      So It seems possible to have touch working on Mac properly, I just wonder why it doesn't.

      Currently, the gestures to rotate looks like it is using the R shortcut, zoom and drag is laggy, and no pam at all.


      I can't be the only one disappointed, I found many reviews of cintiq27QHD showing how photoshop touch was not working well on macs, but to no avail. none had fixes for this.


      My question is:


      Is there any workaround or configuration I don't know?

      If not, Could Adobe update Photoshop to make touch features work properly on Macs?