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    Are parallel stages possible within Flex applications?

      I'm interested in exploring Flex, but I don't want to spend unnecessary time on it. I'm wondering if it is possible to have multiple "layers" (say a foreground, mid-ground, and background) within a Flex application. In my particular case, I'd like to have some type of animated Flash running in the "background" of the application that is always visible. However, when the user interacts with this application, is it possible to make visible Flex components that exist in the "foreground" or "mid-ground" appear "above" it? Or, to say, they come become visible in front of the "background layer" when the user clicks a button (i.e. a user clicks a button in the flash movie and a Flex form, perhaps for a login or something, appears before them in the "foreground").

      As a newbie to Flex I'll appreciate any help.