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    Sort bookmarks (or extract) by page count within bookmark



      If this has already been solved, I apologize but was unable to locate (maybe my search terms weren't correct).


      I have several very large PDF docs (11 thousand pages+) that are for a mailing.  However, the customer did not sort the recipients before export (and after further investigation, they cannot figure out HOW to do such).  The resulting file(s) have recipients with 3 pages, some with 4 and perhaps even some with 5 pages.  These files will need to be printed, and then folded and inserted into envelopes by hand if I am unable to come up with a more automated way of sorting the variable page groups.

      I believe I have a way to place a bookmark at the "first page" of each recipient -- what I am looking for now is a way to either sort those bookmarks by their page counts (3, 4 or 5) or extract them by page count.  The former is preferred as the later would make a metric ton of files.


      Any thoughts/ideas/help is appreciated!


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It might be possible to automate the entire process using a script, but without seeing an actual file it's very difficult to say for sure.

          I've developed very similar tools for many of my clients and would be happy to have a look at a sample file and let you know if I think it's doable or not, and if so for how much. You can send it to me directly to try6767 at gmail.com, if you're interested.