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    Masking Limitations


      In a nutshell I need to add and remove parts of a mask using actionscript.

      The idea is varied sized white pixels 'appear', fade off, leaving part of an image viewable. This proceeds until the whole image is displayed.

      I've done a little script which attaches the white squares and rectangles at various sizes, the movieclips then play, fading off and then removing themselves. This however is where the wheels come come off.

      As I need the image underneath to be revealed (the same shape and size as the white box/pixel), a block the same shape has to be added to the image mask, thus revealing a small block of the image.

      I tried creating a mask movieclip (mc_mask) and attaching the same blocks to it and setting the _visibility = false, the idea the blocks would be set to true as the animation progressed. This failed as the attached clips didn't seem to do any masking at all.

      So next I tried manually dropping loads of these squares into the mc_mask manually, but unfortunately only the first square acts in a masking capacity. The rest seems to be ignored.

      Is there a way to attach multiple movie clips together to form a mask that will behave correctly? Can this technique be used to achieve this effect? Or am I barking up the wrong tree. I did wonder if I should be perhaps using the drawing API to somehow draw the equivalent shape as a mask. But that's something I've never attempted before.

      If anyone has any ideas how this effect maybe achieved or an alternative technique. As there are elements in the background I can't 'cheat' and use coloured panels over the top of the image to fake the mask effect.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks for your time,