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    Menu bar missing


      Hi, I just installed Photoshop on my new Imac and the menu bar at the top is missing. I am new to this computer and haven't used creative cloud for a while. Any ideas on how to get my menu bar back? Thanks

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          norman.sanders Most Valuable Participant

          You may be referring to the Options Bar. If that is the case, go to Window and down at the bottom of the drop-down list click Options.

          (The Menu Bar is at the very top of the screen and includes Window)

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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Out of curiosity what version OSX and what version Photoshop?


            There is only one case where the menu bar was missing in Photoshop: MacOS 10.13.0 (or perhaps .1) and Photoshop CS6.


            CS6 is really not tested for 10.13 (High Sierra) and I remember that top menu bar missing until 10.13.2 on my Macbook Pro.


            Make sure Photoshop and MacOS is up to date.

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              I'm not sure what happened but I opened photoshop today and my top and left side menu is gone.... how do I fix it? I tried using the F key to make it full screen and that did not work.... and its stuck on Font Mode at the top...