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    Cursor missing...

    Level 7
      For some reason, the cursor for the double-horizontal arrow is missing on my
      computer (WinXP, DirMX2004). The docs claim that it is cursor 296, but what
      I get instead is a parallelagram. (Much like the cursor 295 parallelagram,
      only black instead of inverse.) I know that alot of these cursors are
      Mac-specific (half of the other cursors on the list don't display either),
      but I can get double-arrows for vertical and the two diagonals, just not
      horizontal (which happens to be the ONLY one I actually need right now...
      Grrr...) I ran through the entire list from -1 to 457 and didn't find it.
      That's just annoying. Is this a known bug? I guess I'll just have to do it
      the hard way and make my own graphic, grumble, grumble.