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    Busy doing nothing

    brianj3403651 Level 1

      Welcome to Lightroom CC 7.2!


      I have lost count of the number of crash reports I have sent in. Must be approaching 50? The problem I am having is very tiresome. If I leave 7.2 inactive for more than about 3 minutes, it crashes!  Send a photo to Photoshop to work on it - Lightroom crashes! Look up a name on the internet before exporting a photo from 7.2, it crashes. Answer the door bell, it crashes. Make a cup of coffee it crashes. Answer an email, it crashes. I am tempted to switch it on and do nothing and when it crashes send in the crash report. Then switch it back on and wait for it to crash. Just to see how many times an hour I can get it to crash. But life is too short for that.


      What is the point of adding my address to crash reports if Adobe are not going to respond.