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    Lightroom stops working after a few operations



      The last couple of days, Lightroom CC Classic stops working after a few operations. It doesn't freeze totally, I can still leaf trough pictures, change views and such, but it is impossible to flag photos as rejects, sync with CC, i.e. actually doing something useful. There are no error messages or other indications, it just stops working. After I restart the program, it works fine for a few more operations and then it stops working again. A few operations mean I can go trough less than 10 photos (often far less) before I have to restart LR. After restart, it does not start with the photo I was on when the program stopped working, but with the last one I was working on when doing a normal shutdown of LR. The few operations I get to do are saved, so I'm not missing any work, but it's a pain having to restart LR every couple of minutes as I have a few thousand photos to go trough after a recent trip...


      What I have done so far (and other info):

      • LR is updated (v7.2)
      • Camera Raw is updated
      • The size of the catalog is about 38000 photos
      • Windows 10 is updated
      • GPU driver is updated. I have also unchecked the "use GPU...". No difference
      • Set the cache size up to 70GB
      • Reset preferences
      • Disabled all plug-ins
      • Optimized the catalog
      • Created a new catalog and imported all photos from the old one
      • Optimized the catalog again
      • I have reinstalled LR
      • Calibrated the monitor
      • Read all the FAQs and threads I could find...


      Does anyone have a good tip on what I can do to fix the problem?