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    Need 2 different captions for same photo

    kentmcpherson Level 1

      I just moved my website to Wordpress and I use Envira Galleries.  Envira can sync collections to Lightroom which is great.  I can also include HTML in the caption of a photo to include things like a hot link to my Etsy store where I sell prints of a photo.  The caption would look like this: 


      Loch Venachar Estate <strong><a href="https://www.etsy.com/listing/595357545/loch-venachar-estate-free-us-shipping" target="_blank">View in Etsy Store </a></strong>


      It works great but...  (you knew there was a but) if I want to share that photo on Instagram, I don't want that caption.  If I make a virtual copy and change the caption, it changes on the original as well as you'd expect.  So I either need 2 separate photos which seems like a waste or some way to temporarily change the caption to post on Instagram and put it back for my website when done.